Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training in Devon

Deborah Wander M.A. UKCP provides Shamanic training courses in Devon, Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay.

Engaging in spiritual work

Shamanic training is often considered to follow the path of the 'Wounded Healer'. This is a path of self-healing, healing of the community and of the Earth. To engage in this spiritual work we must be prepared to bring an intention to respect and honour the Spirit in all things. This is a spiritual training that calls for us to bring forth our integrity, compassion, equanimity and love to all beings on and of the Earth and to the Earth itself.

The Shamanic practitioner

The Shamanic practitioner learns through depth training how to enter the worlds that are unconscious or hidden, that can inform the practitioner through revealing wisdom. Entering these worlds is not done in an unconscious state, but rather in a state of expanded awareness. With intention, a Shamanic practitioner can learn to engage in healing work for themselves and others. This work may be engaged with on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level of experience. Practitioners and students of this spiritual practice are expected to engage deeply with their own personal work. The Shamanic practitioner is one who learns to mediate the natural worlds of energy, and the transpersonal and spiritual realms of experience. This is a practice of working in relationship and co-creating partnerships with nature and the natural order of life and death and rebirth.
Shamanic practitioner
Shamanic courses

Shamanic courses

I offer a weekend introduction to shamanic practice:
  • 1 year Shamanic counselling course
  • 3 year depth training in Shamanic practice
  • Soul retrieval training 5 days
  • Working with the energies of trauma 5 days
Please note that it will be necessary to have completed an introduction to Shamanic practice prior to starting any other Shamanic practitioner courses with Debbie. Feel free to contact me for further information.
For Shamanic training in Devon, Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay, 
call Deborah Wander M.A. UKCP on
 01803 555 155 

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