Ecopsychology expert

Ecopsychology expert in Devon

Deborah Wander M.A. UKCP offers workshops in Ecopsychology which will enable you to explore your psyche's connection with the natural world.

What is Ecopsychology?

Ecopsychology is the exploration of our psyche's interconnection with the natural world. I believe that by living in greater harmony with natural world and in realising our non-separateness from it, we can find our belonging and our place. This will, in turn, improve our mental health and reverse the impact of our chronic dissociation as a species of the Earth and from all the beings that we share with it. An awareness of our interconnection seems really important at this time of planetary change.

Root therapy

Root therapy connects Psychotherapy and Ecology and explores our psyche's connection to the natural world.
Root therapy
Workshop on Ecopsychology

Workshop on Ecopsychology

I offer training workshops for Psychotherapists and counsellors and interested individuals. In the workshops, we begin to explore our sacred heritage of symbol, psyche and soul. We re-envision, through Ecopsychology and transpersonal perspectives and the wisdom communicated through our interconnection with the Earth. 
In addition to Ecopsychology, I also provide Shamanic training in Devon, Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay. Contact me for more information.
To enrol in the Ecopsychology workshop in Devon, Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay, 
call Deborah Wander M.A. UKCP on
 01803 555 155 

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